Code of Conduct

  1. This Academy is a place to learn, laugh and grow strong; don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable to be here.
  2. Equality and Respect; on the mats, everybody will be given equal opportunity, differentiated only by effort and attitude.
  3. Ensure you are dressed and ready to go at the start of each class (this means you will need to arrive early).
  4. If you are going to be late or need to leave early ensure you have discussed this with your instructor prior to class.
  5. Footwear must be removed before entering the mat area.
  6. Respect and listen to your coaches. They are only here for you. No talking whilst a technique is being demonstrated.
  7. Tap now, train tomorrow. Verbal or physical tap when put into a submission.
  8. Safety; ensure your training partners walk in and out of the gym, with a smile on their face. Unsafe behaviour will not be tolerated.
  9. All objects, jewellery, piercings, necklaces and other items must be removed during training.
  10. No purposely hurtful or inappropriate language/communications.
  11. Progress is never alone. Help others improve and succeed. Recognise that you are all members of a strong group sharing common goals and interests.
  12. As you advance, ego is a constant enemy. Try to remain humble at all times.
  13. Non-Negotiable Hygiene Requirements:
    • Clean & trimmed nails
    • Neutral body odour/deodorant
    • No skin or respiratory infections
    • Hair must be short or tied back
    • Clean & dry training gear (Gear must be washed regularly)
  14. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the coaching staff. They are always happy to help, no matter how small it may seem!