Welcome to Element Martial Arts + Fitness, where your journey towards mastery and personal growth begins. Established in 2007, our academy has become a cornerstone in the martial arts community, offering a comprehensive range of programs tailored for everyone from enthusiastic beginners to world-class athletes. Our inclusive environment welcomes members starting at 3 years old through to adults, ensuring opportunities for all ages to learn, grow, and excel.

At Element Martial Arts + Fitness, we believe in the transformative power of martial arts and fitness, not just as a form of physical exercise, but as a path to achieving balance, discipline, and resilience in life. Our expertly designed curriculum spans the disciplines of Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, and Karate, making us a premier destination for comprehensive martial arts training.

What We Offer?

Beginner-Friendly Programs: Embark on your martial arts journey with confidence. Our beginner-friendly programs are the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of martial arts, offering a supportive and educational environment where every student can thrive.

World-Class Athlete Coaching: Elevate your skills to the highest level with our advanced coaching programs. Tailored for competitive athletes, these sessions are led by seasoned instructors with extensive experience in national and international competitions.

Ages 3 and Up: At Element Martial Arts + Fitness, we believe it’s never too early or too late to start your martial arts journey. Our programs are designed to cater to all age groups, ensuring that children, teens, and adults find a place to challenge themselves and achieve their personal best.

Diverse Martial Arts Disciplines: Whether your interest lies in the strategic ground game of Jiu Jitsu, the dynamic strikes of Kickboxing, the classic techniques of Boxing, the rigorous grappling of Wrestling, the disciplined forms of Karate, or putting it all together for Mixed Martial Arts we offer specialised classes in each discipline. Our diverse training options ensure that every member can find a martial arts style that resonates with them.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Instructors: Our team of instructors brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, passionately dedicated to helping each student achieve their goals.

Community and Support: Element Martial Arts + Fitness is more than just a gym; we are a community. We foster a supportive environment where members encourage and inspire one another.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Train in our modern, fully-equipped facilities that provide a safe and motivating environment for all your martial arts and fitness needs.

Since our inception, Element Martial Arts + Fitness has been committed to excellence, not just in training our members, but in cultivating an environment where everyone can discover the true essence of martial arts and fitness. Join us and become part of a legacy that transcends the physical and ignites a lifelong passion for growth and learning.

Start your journey today and transform your life.