Element Juniors Timetable

Juniors Program Explained

In our junior classes, we understand that kids of different ages have unique learning needs. That’s why we have designed our classes to cater to various age ranges:

  • Parents + Kids Class (Toddlers +)
  • Mini Monkeys (3-6)
  • Tiny Tigers (6-9)
  • Little Lions (9-12)
  • Teens

Parents + Kids

This class is designed to create a positive first impression with fitness, exercise and martial arts. The class entails a number of movement based games that you can do with your child and an introduction to fundamental self defence. This class is a lot of fun and a great way to build connection with your child.

Mini Monkeys (3-6 years old) and Tiny Tigers (6-9 years old)

The Mini Monkeys and Tiny Tigers classes are divided into three essential components:

  • Attention and Listening Skills (15 minutes): We dedicate 15 minutes to foster attention and listening skills. This segment helps children develop focus and discipline, essential for martial arts and daily life.
  • Motor and Coordination Skills (15 minutes): 15 minutes are focused on enhancing motor skills and coordination. Through engaging activities and games, we encourage physical development, balance, and agility.
  • Direct Skill-Based Training (15 minutes): This consists of direct skill-based training, where children learn fundamental martial arts techniques. This hands-on approach allows them to build a strong foundation in martial arts.

Little Lions and Teens

As children progress through our program, more of the class time is dedicated to direct martial arts training. By Little Lions and Teens, the class predominantly focuses on martial arts training to further enhance their skills and proficiency.

We strongly believe that this approach not only equips children with martial arts abilities but also helps them develop valuable life skills that extend beyond their martial arts training. These skills are transferable to various sports and everyday life situations, fostering discipline, focus, and confidence.

We acknowledge that all children are unique, and our age ranges serve as guidelines. If a child demonstrates advanced skills and finds the lower-level classes less challenging, we offer opportunities for them to advance to higher-level classes earlier. We encourage individual growth and progression to ensure that every child gets the most out of their martial arts journey.